• Alumina Grinding Ball

    Alumina Grinding Ball

    Alumina grinding ball is also known as wear-resisting ceramic ball, high aluminum grinding ball, etc., mainly used in ball mill, pot mill, vibration mill and other fine grinding equipment grinding body, in ceramics, glass, enamel, pigment, chemical and other industries widely used.
  • Tabular Corundum

    Tabular Corundum

    Tabular Alumina can be used as the main component in aluminium-carbon, aluminium-magnesium-carbon, magnesia-aluminium-carbon, magnesia-spinel and aluminium-chromium refractory bricks. It can also be introduced into high aluminium amorphous refractories as the enriched alumina component. It can be widely used in steel, casting, ceramics and other industries, and its application in iron and steel industry almost covers. The whole process of ironmaking and steelmaking has been completed.Other applications include electrical insulators, kiln furniture and catalyst carriers. Finely ground plate corundum powder is an excellent filler for epoxy or resin systems to achieve the desired high insulation strength, thermal conductivity and wear resistance.
  • Filtration Media

    Filtration Media

    Spherical balls of alpha-alumina (corundum) is produced by sintering ball-formed calcined alumina at a temperature just under the 3704°F (2040°C) fusion point of aluminum oxide. These tabular alumina balls are then crushed, graded or screened, and ground to a wide range of granule. The powder size must be controlled in good condition, meanwhile adding special film formation additive . Otherwise, the corundum gravel can not absorb the particle from liquid metal。 There are four kinds of filtration media: . 1XXX,3XXX,8XXX;2XXX,7XXX;5XXX,6XXX;High purity aluminium. The Film formation additive is different.
  • Heat Exchange Alumina Balls

    Heat Exchange Alumina Balls

    1、Regenerative burner bed applications
    2、Heat exchange media
    Regenerative ball is suitable for the gas and the gas fuel industrial furnace of regenerative combustion system is chosen, especially for regenerative heating furnace of steel industry, the regenerative ladle baking equipment, air separation equipment of air separation industry regenerator regenerative furnace, non-ferrous metal industry, also used in large forging plant regenerative trolley furnace, regenerative electric boilers, the regenerative incinerator industries do regenerative heat carrier.