automatic mobile tanker is a certain flow of inert gas (nitrogen or argon) or mixed gas (argon-chlorine or nitrogen-chlorine gas body) into the molten aluminum, through a rotating rotor or pipe of the gas into the molten aluminum into tiny bubbles, and uniformly diffused in the liquid aluminum. Hydrogen in molten aluminum is constantly diffused into inert gas bubbles, and as the gas bubbles rise to the surface of molten aluminum, the purpose of removing hydrogen and slag is achieved.

During the cleaning process, if it is not accessible, a mobile scissor lift can be used,It is a new type of high-altitude work equipment. The original purpose of technicians designing this product is to meet the needs of different customers for high lifting height and large load. Mobile scissor lift can satisfy large load, large platform size and high lifting height at the same time. After the customer purchases compact man lift, two people can work on the platform at the same time, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the staff and makes it safer and more convenient.Mobile scissor lift can not only meet the above requirements, but also consider the cost when designing the equipment. In order to enable low-budget customers to buy the aerial work platform they need, compared with the self propelled manlift, this equipment the price positioning is lower.

Automatic Movable Refing Truck

Automatic Movable Refing Truck


1. Less investment; Less occupied space;

2. It can realize a refining car Shared by multiple melting furnaces;

3. Compared with manual pipe blowing and refining, it can reduce labor intensity and ensure refining effect.

Post time: Sep-16-2021