Alumina ball in the market and industrial applications are more extensive, generally because the filled alumina ball can effectively remove drinking water sewage and fluoride and dry air, etc.So what are the requirements for the transportation and packaging of such products?
As the alumina ball can play a drying role on the air, so in the packaging is required to carry on the sealing.Alumina ball in the packaging to ensure 25 kg/bag, lined with plastic bags, the outer layer is plastic laminated woven bag, and also need to indicate the inside of the quantity on the outer package, avoid packaging damage or leakage in the process of transportation and other phenomena.When it is stored, it should be moistureproof and waterproof, and it is strictly prohibited to contact with oil and steam, and it should also ensure that the indoor temperature is appropriate.The whole process should be carried out in plain packing, do not throw or pressure so as not to cause deformation or damage to the packing.When using alumina balls, if there is a certain amount of surplus, it is necessary to seal the plastic bags to the air outlet in order to avoid long-term contact with the air.

Post time: Aug-24-2021