Honeycomb heat accumulator is a kind of parallel straight channel structure, which greatly reduces the resistance of air hole flow and improves the heat transfer efficiency of single hole volume.
Honeycomb heat accumulator is made of mullite and cordierite with high temperature resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient as the main raw materials, using inorganic – organic composite binder, after mixing, extruded molding method, microwave – infrared combined drying process, sintering and other processes.The product can be used in low temperature, medium temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and other different temperature range.The honeycomb heat accumulator made of this material has the advantages of low thermal expansion, large specific heat capacity and so on. Because of the large specific surface area, it has the advantages of small pressure drop, small pressure loss, small thermal resistance, fast heat transfer, good thermal conductivity, heat resistance and long service life.
First, reduce the heat loss of exhaust gas, greatly improve the fuel utilization rate, reduce unit energy consumption;Second, improve the theoretical combustion temperature, improve combustion conditions, meet the high temperature requirements of thermal equipment, expand the application range of low heat fuel, especially the application range of blast furnace gas, improve the utilization rate of fuel calorific value;Third, improve the furnace heat exchange conditions, improve equipment output and product quality, reduce equipment investment;Fourth, reduce the exhaust gas emissions and harmful gas emissions of thermal equipment unit products, reduce air pollution and improve the environment.
Packing methods and precautions: carton packing, handling and loading and unloading should be handled with care.

Post time: Jul-02-2021