Because alumina ceramics have a lot of unique properties, so it can be made into a lot of different products, for example, because of its high mechanical strength, so it can be used as a mechanical structure;And by virtue of high resistivity, good electrical insulation performance and other advantages, alumina ceramics become the substrate, tube seat, circuit shell and other products of the ideal material.
In addition, the high hardness of alumina ceramics, so that it can be made of cutting tools, grinding wheels, abrasive, drawing die, extrusion die, bearing, etc.;There are high melting point, good corrosion resistance characteristics, but also as furnace tube, crucible, fiber, thermocouple protection tube and other production materials necessary;In addition, alumina ceramics can also be made into pure metal and single crystal growth of the crucible, human joints, artificial bones, sodium vapor lamp tube, microwave rectifier, infrared window, laser oscillation components, solar cell materials and storage battery materials.
Alumina ceramics are also divided into different types, wherein 99.7% alumina ceramics are made of high purity alumina materials, coupled with a series of relevant strict process guarantee, performance is more superior.Compared with 99% alumina and 95% alumina, it has higher density and bending strength.
And 99% alumina ceramics relative to 95% alumina has the advantages of density and microstructure, reflected in the performance of a suitable cost performance, suitable for high performance requirements, moderate price parts.95% alumina ceramics using pure alumina materials and a variety of preparation process, in order to ensure the intrinsic characteristics of alumina ceramics at the same time, constantly reduce the manufacturing cost.
As a result, 95% alumina ceramics relative to the other two kinds of high purity materials, its performance index has decreased, the density is slightly lower, but still has all the excellent performance of alumina ceramics, suitable for the application of alumina ceramics characteristics advantages, suitable for general parts.

Post time: Jun-10-2021