On Thursday, February 17, the average alumina spot price in China has remained unchanged to close at RMB 3,305 per tonne, found the Shanghai Metals Market.
For the same day in Shandong and Henan the price has remained restrained to peg at RMB 3,300 per tonne and RMB 3,320 per tonne. The average alumina spot price in Shanxi and Guizhou also the price has stayed the same at RMB 3,310 per tonne and RMB 3,300 per tonne. In Guangxi and Lianyungang, the price has not changed and has been recorded at RMB 3,190 per tonne and RMB 3,125 per tonne. In Bayuquan, the price closed at RMB 3,250.

The Australian alumina FOB price has stepped up by US$5 per tonne to settle at US$403 per tonne.

According to the Shanghai Metals Market A00 aluminium ingot price climbed up by RMB 70 per tonne to score at RMB 22,660 per tonne. The average prices are likely to range between RMB 22,640 per tonne and RMB 22,680 per tonne, with spot contract to be traded at a premium price of RMB 20-20 per tonne.
In Shenyang and Tianjin, the price has grown by RMB 60 per tonne to close at RMB 22,650 per tonne, respectively. In Gongyi and Foshan, the price has hiked by RMB 30 per tonne and RMB 60 per tonne, to settle at RMB 22,510 per tonne and RMB 22,760 per tonne.

The A00 aluminium ingot price in Wuxi and Hangzhou the price has surged by RMB 65 per tonne to peg at RMB 22,655 per tonne and RMB 22,650 per tonne. The price in Chongqing and Linyi has also moved up by RMB 70 per tonne and RMB 50 per tonne, to record at RMB 22,650 per tonne and RMB 22,690 per tonne.
Aluminium alloy (A356) price has escalated by RMB 50 per tonne to total at RMB 24,000 tonne. The average price for the same is expected to range between RMB 23,900 per tonne and RMB 24,100 per tonne. On the other hand, Aluminium alloy (ADC12) price and (A380) price has remained unchanged to settle at RMB 22,300 per tonne and RMB 23,500 per tonne.

Post time: Feb-17-2022