• How is the alumina ball formed?

    1. Extrusion method Extrusion forming of alumina ceramic ball is currently the same kind of ceramic ball in the lower grade, but also a large output of a forming method, generally used to form the following aluminum ceramic ball or clay ball.This kind of porcelain ball sintering temperature is lo...
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  • How are the alumina balls transported?

    Alumina ball in the market and industrial applications are more extensive, generally because the filled alumina ball can effectively remove drinking water sewage and fluoride and dry air, etc.So what are the requirements for the transportation and packaging of such products? As the alumina ball c...
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  • What is the difference between activated alumina ball and alumina ball (high alumina ball)

    Activated alumina ball is industrial aluminum hydroxide and bauxite as the main raw material, after scientific formula, grinding into fine powder, rolling into shape and high temperature roasting, has high mechanical strength, long service cycle, good chemical stability, strong adsorption, insolu...
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  • Honeycomb Ceramic

    Honeycomb heat accumulator is a kind of parallel straight channel structure, which greatly reduces the resistance of air hole flow and improves the heat transfer efficiency of single hole volume. Honeycomb heat accumulator is made of mullite and cordierite with high temperature resistance and low...
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