• Honeycomb Ceramic

    Honeycomb Ceramic

    Honeycomb ceramic heat accumulator is also a high temperature combustion heat accumulator, which is the key and core component of high temperature combustion technology.The honeycomb ceramic heat storage body is widely used in smelting, heat preservation furnace and heat treatment furnace in iron and steel, nonferrous and chemical industries. It is the core component of regenerative burner. The technology can save fuel up to 40~70℃, increase furnace temperature more than 15℃, NO2 discharge less than 100 ppm, flue gas temperature less than 150℃, greatly alleviate energy shortage.
  • Heat Exchange Alumina Balls

    Heat Exchange Alumina Balls

    1、Regenerative burner bed applications
    2、Heat exchange media
    Regenerative ball is suitable for the gas and the gas fuel industrial furnace of regenerative combustion system is chosen, especially for regenerative heating furnace of steel industry, the regenerative ladle baking equipment, air separation equipment of air separation industry regenerator regenerative furnace, non-ferrous metal industry, also used in large forging plant regenerative trolley furnace, regenerative electric boilers, the regenerative incinerator industries do regenerative heat carrier.