• Automatic Movable Refing Truck

    Automatic Movable Refing Truck

    It is a certain flow of inert gas (nitrogen or argon) or mixed gas (argon-chlorine or nitrogen-chlorine gas body) into the molten aluminum, through a rotating rotor or pipe of the gas into the molten aluminum into tiny bubbles, and uniformly diffused in the liquid aluminum. Hydrogen in molten aluminum is constantly diffused into inert gas bubbles, and as the gas bubbles rise to the surface of molten aluminum, the purpose of removing hydrogen and slag is achieved.
  • Launder


    The proposed design of the launder is made according to the health and safety rules in use in seller's plants regarding the robustness of the metallic structure, the properties of the refractory materials and the metallurgical needs. For example, the metal flow speeds, abrasion resistance and thermal properties of the lining.
  • Deep Bed Filter

    Deep Bed Filter

    At present, the market demand for high-grade aluminum alloy is increasing, and the final customers have higher and higher requirements on quality. Generally speaking, this kind of demand for high-grade aluminum alloy is developing toward the trend of thin-walled, high-strength, easy to process. This demand for pre-casting aluminum alloy cleanliness is becoming more and more demanding.
  • Rotating injector for furnace

    Rotating injector for furnace

    Aluminium melting requires furnace fluxing or treatment to remove impurities. In order to meet quality requirements, dissolved alkalis like sodium and calcium, non- metallic inclusions and hydrogen need to be removed. Furnace fluxing is still used either by spreading solid flux on the metal surface or using fluxing lances (chlorine). These methods can be replaced by the FRI-3000 rotating injector, which uses chlorine gas mixtures to significantly improve the efficiency of the fluxing process.
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