• How is the alumina ball transported

    Alumina ball in the market and industrial applications are more extensive, generally because the filled alumina ball can effectively remove drinking water sewage and fluoride and dry air, etc.So what are the requirements for the transportation and packaging of such products? As the alumina ball c...
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  • Diversified uses and varieties of alumina ceramics

    Because alumina ceramics have a lot of unique properties, so it can be made into a lot of different products, for example, because of its high mechanical strength, so it can be used as a mechanical structure;And by virtue of high resistivity, good electrical insulation performance and other advan...
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  • How many techniques are there to make honeycomb ceramic?

    Characteristics of honeycomb ceramic to invest less, be applicable to the glaze and the blank of the ball mill, is the economy, the aim of grinding material, regenerative ball’s first manufacturing material is industrial alumina, blowing through the fused method, on the basis of applying ar...
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  • What is the difference of Inert alumina ball and activated alumina ball

    1, Inert alumina ball Inert alumina ball is widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fertilizer, natural gas and environmental protection industries, as the catalyst in the reactor covering support material and tower packing.The inert alumina ball has the characteristics of high temperature a...
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